Personal Trainers

Did you construct your own home? Would you build your own car? Was your college education self-taught? There's a reason you invested in experts to perform these important tasks for you.

Does your trainer give you undivided attention or are they standing around talking to someone else, arms folded? Are they training you one-on-one to get every last ounce out of you or are they diluting their focus by training several people at once? Are your programs different every time you have an appointment or is it the same every time you show up?

You get one life, one body and one chance.

Training is not all about the sets and reps. While programming, nutrition, exercise selection and motivation are our specialty, quite often life changes are born from communication. Drawing on experiences from down under to the local neighborhoods, we have compiled enough knowledge to get you where you want to be.

Frye - Owner/Trainer

When I joined 180 Fitness, I was in my early 60’s and felt like I was starting the unstoppable slide into old age. I was at least 40 pounds overweight, on increasing amounts of medications for blood pressure and becoming less and less active. Nearly two years later, I have lost the excess weight, no longer need medications for blood pressure and am in the best shape of my life.

There are many reasons why 180 Fitness has been so successful for me but it all starts with my trainer, Robert Frye. He has enabled me to keep my commitment by understanding my goals and keeping me focused on them, teaching me how to push myself to the limit without causing injury, and, perhaps most importantly, keeping it all interesting and fun.

I strongly encourage anyone who is looking to get into shape, develop a healthier lifestyle and improve their outlook on life to give Robert and 180 Fitness a try.

Marty Ham

“I got Fryed at 180 Fitness.” This is the screen saver of my personal trainer, Robert Frye. For the past two years, twice a week, I have been “trained” by Robert. Now, you have to know that I am pretty much “untrainable.”----Many have tried, few have succeeded! Robert is the exception. I tried another gym before joining the rowdy club at 180 Fitness. The previous gym regarded training sessions as times when they instructed me to put large elastic bands on my ankles and told me to leap across the room----while they chatted with other “trainers” and ignored me. Needless to say, I did not improve in strength or skill, I did not loose weight or tone up, and I quit the gym!

Then, on a fluke encounter at a wedding reception, I met Matt and Janie and learned of 180 Fitness. Within two days, I signed up! After scaring off my first trainer, I remained, and Robert arrived at the gym---tentative at first, finding his comfort zone. THAT did not take long! I would not be where I am now- five sizes lighter- without his dedication to my suffering. Yep, this mild mannered, handsome lad is a tyrant on the floor. No amount of “puppy-dog eyes” gets me a break! He pushes me and simultaneously encourages me. He is intuitive, funny, and adept.

Why would anyone want to be at a gym other than 180 Fitness? The only problem is that Robert is so popular that it is difficult to get to train with him. But, as I said before, I have two hours a week of torture with him---and would not change it for the world!

Janet Densmore

Make no mistake – when you work out with Robert Frye you’re going to work hard! You can count on pushing every muscle to its limit. And you can count on being encouraged, so even when you think you can’t do it, Robert gets you through it. You can count on carefully planned, safe routines from someone who knows what he’s doing and who knows what you can do. Robert expects a lot, but his expectations are never unreasonable; you set your goals, Robert helps you meet them. And you have a lot of laughs along the way! When you work out with Robert Frye, you can count on going home tired and feeling really proud of yourself, ready to take on the world! Make no mistake – you’re going to want to come back for more and you’re going to get it!

Raina Lewis

Stones - Trainer

Stones is a great trainer. He mixes in the right amount of positive encouragement with a GET it DONE tone that is really motivating. The individual attention and goal reminders Stones provides makes training at 180 rewarding, and not a chore.

Mary Matuska

Having been a member of every gym in the Roanoke valley at one time or another, I have finally found a home. I came to 180 Fitness 5'7", 172 lbs, a size 14 and finally ready for a change. Our first meeting I was told I could become a size 6. I told them I'd be happy to be a 10. Morton handed me a 1200 calorie menu that he recommended. I told him 1200 calories would kill me and he should save his paper for someone else. He threw it at me and told me I could make paper airplanes with it if I wanted, but that I was to take it with me. His passion won me over. The gym as a whole feels like family now and I can't imagine myself anywhere else.

Stones is the perfect match for me. I don't react well to raised voices, especially if they are aimed at me. He works with my bad hips and knees and focuses on safety in everything we do. I also suffer from migraines. He listens to my needs and adjusts the workout on the fly if needed. Even if I am only functioning at 70%, he will create a workout to fit my physical and emotional needs of the moment. I have never had the same workout twice in 9 months. In the beginning I lost 2 lbs a week and in 6 months I was beyond my goal. In another 4 months I have lost 4 more inches and another dress size even though my weight has stayed consistent. I have lost 22 lbs and wear a size 6-8. I am continually amazed by what my body is able to do now, not to mention how I look in my new clothes!

Molly Hunter

Margaux - Trainer

Margaux is motivating and fun, and I don't realize how hard I've worked until the workout is over! That's why I keep coming back!

Whenever I feel too tired to work out, her encouragement helps me to power through!

She mixes it up so that we never do the same workout twice. It is a great place to go and I love being there.

Elizabeth Cline

Anthony - Trainer

I have been in the fitness industry over 30 years & certified personal trainer since 1995. I was a former competive bodybuilder from 1989-2001. While serving in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1991-1995 & served as one of my units wellnesss coordinator. I have worked for the YMCA in Salem as a Personal Trainer since 2006 & for Roanoke County Parks & Recreation since 2008. I have trained both male & female clients over the years from adolescents, teenagers, adults & senior adults. I have taught various boot camp & Biggest Loser style classes during those years! I enjoy watching people succeed with their goals, come back from injuries & improve their quality of life! I just give them the blueprint & they do all the work!