How much do you spend on Country Club Memberships, Gym Memberships, Travel, Vehicles, Dining-Out, and Clothing?

What price do you put on your future health?

How important is it to be able to keep up with your Peers, Family, Children or Grandchildren?

Traning Fees

Unlike most gyms that hit you with initiation fees, monthly dues and personal trainer fees, at 180 all you will pay for are your training sessions.

Startup Pack
  • $99 - 3 x 30 Minute Sessions
One on One:
  • $40 - 30 Minute Session
  • $50 - 45 Minute Session
  • $60 - 60 Minute Session
2 People:
  • $60 - 30 Minute Session ($30/Person)
  • $75 - 45 Minute Session ($37.5/Person)
  • $90 - 60 Minute Session ($45/person)

You may train as often as you like, however to maintain membership and unlimited access, you must train with your Trainer at least once per week.

Membership Fees

For 180 Members who have trained with a 180 Trainer for 12 months, there is the following Membership option:

  • $70/mth for 1st Family member
  • $30/mth for each additional Family member

No Personal Training sessions are required to maintain this membership.

Cancellation Policy

Evening before and last minute cancellations make it impossible and frustrating for your trainer to reorganize their schedules.

Consider this and kindly give your trainer 24hrs notice for canceled or rescheduled appointments.

Failure to do so will result in forfeiting your session.

Included Features

  • Full access to the gym 7 days a week, 4:30am-11pm.
  • Key fob provided for easy access.
  • Personalized 1 hour program every session, including stretching.
  • Tanita professional grade body composition analysis done weekly to graph and monitor your progress.
  • Sports specific conditioning (Golf, tennis, football, lacrosse, track, basketball, etc).
  • Injury rehab.
  • Ipod hook-up for personalized playlists during workouts.
  • Sirius XM radio
  • Water and towels provided.
  • Personal training log book.
  • Personal shower/changing room.